Our Farms

Maine’s rich agricultural heritage is built on family farms. Generations of hard-working, innovative stewards of the land, these farmers have allowed Maine’s soil to remain rich and vital and yield the finest crops.


Pineland Farms St. Agatha, Maine farm

Pineland Farms St. Agatha, Maine

Pineland Farms Potato Company works closely with these local farmers to produce the best tasting potatoes possible. We are proud to announce that in 2012 we expanded this tradition with the newly acquired Pineland Farms Potato Company Farm. By integrating wise cultivation techniques with the latest technology this vertically integrated system allows us to better serve our customers by providing readily available, consistently top quality potatoes for our products.

Our refrigerated storage allows us to monitor and maintain the freshness of our raw potatoes so that every product that leaves our facility carries the finest flavor and texture that our customers have come to expect.