Maine Potato History


In the 1700’s Irish farmers began planting potatoes in Maine’s rich soils. It soon became evident that soil conditions, long warm days, and cool nights made it an excellent region for growing high quality potatoes. So began the long tradition of May planting and September harvesting in Maine’s Aroostook County.

In the middle of the twentieth century, Maine produced more potatoes than any other state in the nation. Today, potatoes continue to be a critical part of the state’s economy, with the fertile soil of Aroostook County being the largest growing region.

Pineland Farms Potato Company contracts with the local farming community to purchase Russet Burbanks and Dark Red Norlands for their mashed and cut potatoes. Pineland Farms Potato Company is a fast growing Maine business focused on creating excellent food products in ways that sustain jobs and encourage the growth of Maine agriculture.