White Diced 1/2"

(SKU 101-43-045-11)

A consistent cut great for soups, chowders, pot pies and other recipes requiring a small dice.

White Diced ¾"

(SKU 101-41-045-11)

Great for breakfast potatoes or side dishes or in your own signature potato dishes!

White Diced 1"

(SKU 101-45-045-10)

Already peeled and diced—a great homestyle, chunky potato product.

White Shredded

(SKU 101-30-045-11)

Made with 100% Russets, these hearty shreds grill to a golden brown for the perfect hash brown every time. The best shred you will find!

White Skin-on Sliced

(SKU 00038)

Our sliced skin-on russet potato makes the perfect homefry for a classic side dish.

White Sliced

(SKU 101-54-045-11)

Fresh taste and consistent flavor. Helps reduce time and labor for casserole or side dishes.

Redskin Diced ¾"

(SKU 111-41-045-11)

Want a vibrant redskin product? Look no further! Versatile and great for multi-day parts.

Redskin Diced 1"

(SKU 111-42-045-11)

This precut product helps reduce your labor costs and provides a homestyle appearance without the work.

Thick Redskin Wedge

(SKU 111-81-045-11)

Wedges are a great alternative to French Fries! Create your own signature dish by adding seasoning—holds up well on buffets.


Natural Homestyle White Mashed

(SKU 00020)

Reminisce of mom's recipe, our natural homestyle white mashed is a creamy blend of potatoes, milk and butter.

Natural Redskin Mashed

(SKU 00026)

A flavorful mash that brings color to your plate, our natural redskin mashed potatoes are a great alternative to the standard side dish offerings.

Natural Garlic Redskin Mashed

(SKU 00027)

A kitchen classic!  Our natural garlic redskin mashed potato, is a simple recipe with a bold flavor and appearance.

White Mashed

(SKU 101-10-045-11)

A consistently high quality product that's easy to customize.

Deluxe White Mashed

(SKU 101-19-045-11)

Rich, buttery homemade taste and texture are the signature of this premium mashed product.

Low Sodium White Mashed

(SKU 101-16-045-11)

A healthy alternative that is perfect for healthcare markets or other operators who require low salt menu applications.

Redskin Mashed

(SKU 111-12-045-11)

A redskin potato blend that offers great taste and texture with a made-from-scratch appearance.

Garlic Redskin Mashed

(SKU 111-13-045-11)

Great for garlic lovers, redskin mashed potatoes offering a robust, flavorful minced garlic flavor.