Are potatoes grown in Maine?
Maine has been producing potatoes longer than any other state in the nation. Today, Maine grows approximately 55,000 acres of potatoes, primarily in Aroostook County, home to Pineland Farms Potato Company. Click here to learn more about the potato history.

Are Maine potatoes as good as or better than the Idaho Russet?
At Pineland Farms Potato Company, we use only Russet Burbank and Red Norland potatoes. Russet Burbank potatoes grown in Maine are the same Russet Burbank potatoes grown in Idaho (aka Idaho Russet). Our potatoes are as good as, or better than the same varieties produced in Idaho due to a more favorable climate. We require less irrigation to “force” growth, and Maine’s long warm days, cool nights, and rich soil are ideal for growing the finest potatoes.

What is the shelf life of your products?
From date of production, the shelf life of all our cut products is 50 days and mashed products are 65 days.

Do you work closely with potato growers?
The quality of Pineland Farms Potato Company products is highly dependent on the quality of the raw product that enters our plant. We maintain very high raw product quality standards that are achieved through close work with leading growers in Aroostook County. Advanced planning with growers assures that Pineland Farms Potato Company will be supplied year-round with the high quality Russet Burbank and Red Norland potatoes that are required to produce our premium foodservice and retail products. The location of our state-of-the-art facility, right in the heart of the Maine potato producing area, is conducive to continuous contact and coordination with leading growers.

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is used to prolong shelf life, increase product quality, and add value to processed foods. Air is removed from the package and replaced with a gas mixture with quality enhancing capabilities.

What pack sizes does Pineland Farms Potato Company produce?
FOODSERVICE: Pineland Farms Potato Company products are packed in 5-pound bags, 4 bags to a case. These bags have proven to be easier to handle at the operator level then our competitor’s 10-pound bags. At the 5-pound size, there is also less product waste.

RETAIL: Pineland Farms Potato Company mashed product is available in 1.5 pound trays. Our case pack size for a supermarket to purchase is 6/1.5 pound trays.

Once the product reaches the expiration date, is it okay to use for a few more days?
We do not recommend that our customers use the product after the expiration date marked on the case, bag, or tray.

Why do the mashed potatoes carry a longer shelf life than the cuts?
Refrigerated mashed products carry a longer shelf life than the cuts primarily because of the difference in processing. The mashed potatoes are fully cooked and sealed at a high temperature to prolong shelf life. Cut potatoes are partially cooked.

What is the minimum holding temperature in a hot box or on a steam table?
The recommended minimum holding temperature is at least 165 degrees F.

What is the difference between a Sweet Potato and a Yam?
Sweet Potatoes and Yams belong to two different botanical families. Sweet Potato tubers are smaller and have an orange colored flesh. Yams typically have large starch levels and grow up to two to three feet long in tropical and subtropical climates.

Why is steam blanching important?
Steam blanching is an important process to deactivate enzymes in vegetables and to assist with preservation. The partially cooked process provides a uniform texture, color, and flavor.

Why are there different sizes of white and red diced potatoes?
We offer a variety of sizes to better serve the individual needs of our customers.

Can our cuts be deep fried, baked, and microwaved?
The majority of Pineland Farms Potato Company diced, fry and wedge products can be grilled, deep fried, baked or boiled. We recommend grilling our shredded products.

Where is the expiration date on the packaging?
You will find the expiration date code on individual bags or trays and on the case.