April 2020 Employee of the Month

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Mike Hanning has been selected as the April Employee of the Month for Pineland Farms.  Mike has been with our production team as a Ross/Poly Operator, working the Day shift since 02/01/2019.


Mike is a solid worker who shows up every day and does his job on the Processing line extremely well. He’s a guy who looks ahead on production to anticipate what needs to be done each day. He tries to make sure the processing line changeovers go quickly and smoothly.

He as well would come in on his O.T. days as scheduled every time, he was a pleasure to work with as a supervisor and see a lot of big things in his future here at Pineland Farms and is always eager to learn new things at the plant whenever he is available to move to different areas, I look forward to seeing him advance in the future and well deserved.